About The Boutique Hotel& Spa


Everyone will tell you this: Location is everything In Bali!!!

The Villa KARISA Boutique Hotel & Spa is proud of being situated in the HEART of Seminyak, the upscale and most coveted part of Bali! A 10 to14 BEDROOM COMPLEX with the brand new OSPA BALI a full spa that has everything to offer to the modern Bali gal, flawless fingers, skin care, massages and scrubs.

Within walking distance of favorite Hotspots, lively restaurants, fun bars, all the trendy shops, and best local artisans and handicrafts, yet, when you turn the corner of a charming quiet side street, you will discover Karisa, a sprawling 25 000 square feet property of unparalleled seclusion and privacy. Quiet Exclusive Paradise, hidden right in the heart of it all!

(And let’s not forget that we boast close proximity to the lovely Seminyak beach and all the great surfing the Indian Ocean has to offer).


 Comprised of lush tropical and fresh gardens and sexy pool, the grounds are sprinkled with various charmingly decorated outdoor and indoor lounging areas where you can chill out or play with your loved ones.  Around the clock our lovely caring staff can make you at home with reading materials, plenty of towels, fresh healthy snacks made to order and fresh juices and smoothies 24h a day.


Dubbed the most charming boutique hotel in Seminyak by a lot of our guests, The Villa Karisa Boutique Hotel makes every guest feel like they have their own private residence in Bali, while enjoying the services and amenities of a hotel. The décor is a fusion between minimalist clean tropical lines & Antique Javanese beauty including a museum quality Limasan, beautiful antiques, custom made comfortable and visually stunning furniture as well as original whimsical handicrafts made specially for the hotel.


At Villa Karisa we “KNOW” how important it is for our guests to be able to check on their businesses, loved ones back home, and latest news, and that’s why we take the Internet seriously, and boast something rare in Bali: High-speed internet throughout the grounds and all our rooms. OSPA BALI even has it’s own network.  As do all our private Karisa Villas that are available for rent as well.( CHECK Villasaffirabali.com and Villacasabiancabali.com)

Villa Karisa Facilities