We believe a Bali Holiday should stay with you forever like a dream of Rich Tropical Surroundings, Sexy warm breezes, Charming Local traditions, coupled with attention to detail for a relaxed hassle free stay.

We believe in inner beauty....but,we can help you do what you can on the outside  with our crew of professional beauticians, spa therapists, body workers, personal trainers, surf and yoga teachers.

We believe in old-world charm, slow paced tropical rhythm, and high speed internet all at the same time…

We believe you can swim right after you eat.

We believe in reveling solely in the companies of the ones you came with and yet mingling, or networking, if you choose to do so with the fabulous friendly eclectic international jet setting guests we attract.

We believe we should trust those seeking enlightenment and doubt those who claim to have found it.

We believe the world is rapidly changing and Bali happens to be one of the only places on  earth where tradition and rituals are so strong and beautiful they will inspire you!

We believe in making our guests feel like Villa Karisa is their home away form home, while enjoying the amenities and services of a boutique hotel..

We believe you are only young once... but you can be immature forever… COME PLAY WITH US!